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Surrogate Compensation

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The Rewards

The rewards of being a gestational surrogate reach far beyond the monetary compensation offered. You will know that you have given the gift of life to a very deserving family and will feel a sense of satisfaction and pride for the rest of your life.  

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At our agency, we believe surrogates should have the right to set their own surrogacy compensation. Experienced surrogates or surrogates in high demand states like California often ask more. That being said, for some surrogates, they prefer to take less compensation in order to help a deserving family who may be struggling to afford surrogacy.  

*Surrogacy compensation can range from $25000 to $60000.

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Local vs Traveling

While all of our surrogates reside in surrogate-friendly states, the Intended Parents may be working with a fertility doctor who is not local to your home. In this case, we will ask you to travel to the clinic for screening and transfer. All travel-related expenses will be covered by the Intended Parents and our agency will make all the necessary travel arrangements.

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Repeat vs First Time

Our agency works with both first time and repeating surrogate candidates. The benefit for the parents in using a repeat surrogate is that the doctor can look at how you responded to medications in the past as a good guideline for how you may respond in the future. Also, many clinics may recommend a proven surrogate in complicated cases. Experienced surrogates may ask higher fees.

*On average repeat surrogate ask $5000 more in compensation.

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Surrogate Insurance

The biggest consideration financially for Intended Parents when choosing a surrogate beyond her requested compensation is whether she has surrogate friendly insurance or not. If a surrogate does not, the Intended Parents will have to buy a separate policy for you that covers surrogacy which can be costly. For this reason, surrogates with surrogate-friendly insurance may ask higher fees.

*Surrogates with surrogate-friendly insurance on average ask $3500 more.

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Surrogate Budget

Unlike egg donation, creating a blanket budget for all that you will receive in compensation and reimbursements for your surrogacy arrangement is very difficult as there are so many different factors to consider such as surrogate compensation, insurance, travel, extra funds for carrying multiples, and possible complications such as bed rest or lost wages. That range is pretty broad so we wanted to make it clearer. We created the Blissful Fertility compensation budget tool to help you get a better idea of what you can expect and at the bottom you can email yourself a copy of the report for reference. We allow our surrogates to set their own compensation request. While some do ask more, most surrogates ask between $25000 and $50000 with the average compensation in CA being $42,000 for a first-time surrogate.

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