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Cost Management

For most parents, one of the most stressful parts of gestational surrogacy is managing the budget and figuring out financing options. We want to remove this stress as much as possible by offering transparent pricing that is clear and understandable.

Father and Son

Surrogacy Compensation

At our agency, we believe surrogates should have the right to set their own surrogacy compensation. Experienced surrogates or surrogates in high demand states like California often ask more. To help with costs, we suggest you create a budget first and that way we can look for a match within your price range.  

*Surrogacy compensation can range from $25000 to $60000.

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Local vs Traveling

It is important to have a surrogate in a state that is surrogacy friendly with appropriate state laws. If your doctor is in a surrogacy friendly state and your surrogate lives close to the fertility clinic, you will save some money on the cost of travel and monitoring expenses. Most Intended Parents match with surrogates who will be traveling.

*Travel expenses for long-distance cycles average around $3500.

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Repeat vs First Time

Our agency works with both first time and repeat surrogate candidates. The benefit of using a repeat surrogate is that the doctor can look at how she responded to medications in past as a guideline. Experienced surrogates may ask higher fees.

*Average repeat surrogate asks $5000 more in compensation.

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Surrogate Insurance

The biggest consideration financially when choosing a surrogate beyond her requested compensation is whether she has surrogate friendly insurance or if you will have to buy a separate policy that covers surrogacy. You will want to consider the deductible, out of pocket maximum, and monthly premium.

*Surrogates with surrogate-friendly insurance may ask higher fees.

Costs and Budget

Unlike egg donation, creating a blanket budget for surrogacy is very difficult as there are so many different factors to consider. The average estimated total for surrogacy ranges from $85,000 up to $150,000+ depending on surrogate compensation, insurance, travel, multiples, and possible complications such as bed rest or lost wages.That range is pretty broad so we wanted to make it better. We created the Blissful Fertility budget tool to help you get a better idea of what you can expect and you can email yourself a copy of the report for reference.

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