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Egg Donation


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Budget for Baby

For most parents, one of the most stressful parts of infertility care is managing the budget. We want to remove this stress as much as possible by offering transparent pricing that is clear and understandable.

Father and Son

Donor Compensation

At our agency, we believe egg donors should have the right to set their own donor compensation. Experienced donors or donors with very desirable traits often ask more. To help with costs, we suggest you create a budget first and that way we can look for a match within your price range.  

*Average donor compensation ranges from $8,000 to $15,000

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Local vs Traveling

By choosing a donor that lives close to your doctor, you will save substantially on the cost of travel and monitoring expenses. If you can't find a donor in your area, we offer custom advertising at no cost to look for additional options. 

*Travel expenses for long-distance cycles average around $4500.

Couple with their Baby

Proven vs First Time

There are some cost advantages to selecting an experienced egg donor as she will likely have had her genetic and karyotype testing, psychological, and genetic counseling summary completed already which will save you money. Experienced donors are very unlikely to get denied in screening as a result.

*Average screening costs for a donor total around $4500.

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Fertility Testing

Our agency is one of the few that allows you to do some pre-screening lab work on your donor locally before you pay any major costs. This can save thousands of dollars in travel costs and unnecessary testing. 

*AMH only costs $100 and STD, drug screen, and hormones cost $500

Costs and Budget

Below we have provided a breakdown of the average expenses included in an egg donation arrangement. Click on the green arrow for more details. The average estimated total for a traveling donor getting $10000 in compensation is $23,530. The average estimated total for a non-traveling donor getting $10000 in compensation is $19,030. 

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