What is gestational surrogacy?

Who are surrogates?

Who works with a surrogate?

Is surrogacy legal where I live?

The Surrogacy Process

Step One:

From Consultation to Surrogate Selection

Phone Consultation

Pre-Match Interview

Search Begins

Candidates Sent

Match Begins

Step Two:

Pre-Screening of Surrogate

Pap Report

Records Reviewed

Surrogate Meeting

Pre-Match Agreement

Pre-Screening Funds

Background Search

Basic Labwork

Psych Evaluation

Doctor evaluation

Medical Clearance

Step Three:

Legal to Confirmed Pregnancy

Final Insurance Check

Legal Contracts

Escrow Funded

Cycle Calendar

Mock Cycle

Cycle Start

Embryo Transfer

Pregnancy Test

6 week ultrasound

Step Four:

Pregnancy to Parenthood

Transfer to OB/GYN

Boy or Girl?

Maternal-Fetal Check

Finalization of Parentage

Birth Plan Preparation

Cord-Blood Banking

Breast Pump

Delivery Day

Birth Certificate

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