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 Donor Compensation 

Our agency believes that each donor should be allowed to set their own compensation request. That being said, ASRM guidelines suggest donors should not receive over $10,000 per donation cycle so most donors ask under that amount. Experienced donors often earn more than first-time donors. Donors can donate up to six times as long as the doctor feels it is medically appropriate.
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 How payment works. 

Compensation is given to a donor for her time, energy, and her efforts. Compensation is not dependent on the number of eggs retrieved or the success of the cycle. As long as a donor passes screening, follows all medication instructions given to her, and completes the egg retrieval procedure, she will receive her full compensation within 5 days of egg retrieval. This will be paid to her directly from a secure escrow account.  
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 Additional reimbursements.

In addition to compensation, donors who are required to travel out-of-town for the retrieval procedure are provided:
1. Roundtrip airfare or train fare for you and a companion
2. Cost of a hotel room for all days of travel
3. Per diem food allowance
4. Uber, Lyft, Cab, or Rental Car Coverage as needed
5. Mileage for travel over 25 miles
6. Transportation costs to the airport or parking at the airport
7. Other expenses as needed to complete the egg retrieval process.
Our clients are looking for young diverse women who are compassionate, driven, and who remind them of themselves, whether that be that they are well-educated, an artist, an athlete, or a passionate volunteer. It's important you share in your profile what makes you unique.  Because the majority of our clients have advanced educations themselves, donors with advanced educations and diverse backgrounds may be offered higher compensation
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 High demand donors.

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