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Give the Gift of Life.

Become an egg donor, earn generous compensation,
and help someone deserving to realize their dream of parenthood.

Learn more and see if you qualify to donate. 

Family in the Kitchen

Watch a short video to learn more. 

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Who we are. 

Since 2002, Blissful Fertility has been helping people to grow their families through fertility care. With our award winning egg donation and surrogacy programs, we have helped to welcome over 1500 babies and proudly serve diverse clientele from over 56 countries worldwide. 

Why it matters.

1 in 8 couples will experience infertility, 60% will have one or more miscarriages, many suffer age-related fertility decline, or are cancer survivors, and same-sex clients often want a family as well. Your donation makes parenthood a possibility for all of these deserving recipients.

Why we need you.

Every year, donors just like you, help to bring happiness and the gift of family to thousands of people around the world but there remains a great need for available egg donors. By completing your donor application today, you are one step closer to helping a deserving family.


It is incredible to be able to help a family in this way. The couple I donated to sent me the most heartfelt letter of thanks and a beautiful necklace with the date of egg retrieval engraved on it. Every time I put it on I feel so lucky to have been a part of this blessing. My agency coordinator was so sweet and felt like a friend through the process. I strongly recommend this agency.


—  Meredith, Egg Donor 2018

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