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Egg Donation



What it includes:

  •  Assistance and coordination in finding the right donor for your family and arranging for all records, profile, and donor details to be sent for review by your physician.

  • Full-service support for you and your donor throughout the journey

  • A dedicated fertility coordinator who will coordinate all cycle needs directly with your clinic

  • Travel planning, booking, and management for you and your donor as needed to accommodate the cycle both pre-and-post retrieval.

  • Legal Referrals and managements related to donor contracts including preparation of legal referral sheets and coordination related to legal clearances.

  • Insurance coordination and purchase management related to complication insurance for the donor.

  • Ordering and coordination for pre-match fertility hormone testing, if desired

  • Coordination in setting up the third-party escrow account for your security and safety with an established escrow company that is bonded and insured. 


When/how is it paid?

The agency fee is paid in two installments. The first is due in order to confirm the match in the amount of $2500 and the remaining payment of $6000 is due after the doctor has issued the donor's initial medical clearance, legal has been finalized, and prior to the donor starting her cycle-related medications. 


Our surrogacy program launched due to the overwhelming demand of our clients and partners and based on the feedback we consistently received over the years. As a result, we are unveiling some new offerings that are completely unique to our field.


  • We now offer a more affordable program for those of you who want to locate your surrogate on your own but want the added support of an agency to help manage all of the details from initial screening through bringing your baby home. 

  • We created a program unlike any other on the market. You will only pay a minimal agency fee to get started and then the rest of your agency fees are broken up in equal payments made monthly throughout the pregnancy. Why is this a good thing? Well if there is no pregnancy, we don't charge you anything more than the minimal investment you made up-front to get started. In other words, we are on this journey with you and are invested emotionally and financially in your success because we think that's how it should be! 

  • Rather than paying a big agency fee that includes every possible expense, we charge a minimal agency fee for our time up-front and bill you for only those services you actually use and if you Transparency in pricing is simply the Blissful Way!


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